Choti Sardarni 22nd May 2021 Written Update : Kulwant misleads Meher

Choti Sardarni 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update: Choti Sardarni written update

Today’s Choti Sardaeni 22 2021 episode starts with Meher speaking to Karan on a call while he is crying.

Meanwhile, Kulwant gives a fake number to the officer on the call.

At the same time, Seher refuses Karan from talking to Meher and she tells her that they are fighting for the hoverboard.

In the meantime, Param apologizes to Karan asks him to do something with his black eye to manage it from their parents.

Elsewhere, Sarab comes home and notices the kids wearing glasses for their performance.

Meanwhile, Meher notices the place where Sarab got injured by the accident and tells Kulwant to stop the car.

She tells him to go to the hotel for collecting the evidence.

After reading the hotel, Kulwant secretly cuts the connection wire to mislead Meher.

She leaves from there while Kulwant asks Bitto and Rana to snatch Meher’s mobile while she is dancing.

Later, Meher notices Karan’s black eyes when his glasses fall.

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