Dance Deewane 3 22nd May 2021 Episode Written Update: Gunjan rocks the stage

Dance Deewane 3 22nd May 2021 Written Update: Dance Deewane written update

Today’s Dance Deewane 3 22 May episode starts with the judges making an announcement about having three eliminations for this weekend and one from each generation.

The performances start with the second generation contestants, Sahil and Anjali dancing to ‘Slow Motion Angreza’. The judges appreciate their amazing concept.

Further, Somansh from the first generation performs on ‘Baadshah Oh Baadshah’ and judge Tushar encourages him to do work harder.

Next comes Gunjan from generation 1 who dances on ‘Wajle Ki Bara’  gets the privilege to dance with judge Dharmesh to ‘Let’s Nacho’.

Later, from the third generation, Pallavi who masters Kathak dance performs on ‘Rasiya’ and receives great comments from the judges.

Next up is Arundhati from generation 2 performs on ‘Aa Zara’ with her amazing dance moves which leaves the judges mesmerized.

Further, Papai forgets his move while dancing with Antra and they start their performance again. The judges remained in shock with their act.

Tushar announces that there won’t be any second chance for the contestants if they screw up their performance.

Upcoming Dance Deewane 3 episode update: More performances coming up in the next episode.