GHUM HAI KISIKEY PYAAR MEIIN 17th March 2021 Written Update: Pulkit is missing

Bhavani agrees to get Devyani and Pulkit married if he proves his innocence, whiles others oppose her but Sai and Ashwini are happy and support her.

Bhavani talks to Devyani, who is happy about her mother’s decision and asks Sai to call Pulkit to say him to meet her mother.

Ashwini asks Sai not to inform Virat about Devyani’s health condition as he will be busy in his training.

Sai receives a call from Madhuri, who informs her that Pulkit is missing from morning.

Meanwhile, it is shown that Pulkit is being kidnapped by Ninad and Omkar. They are happy as their plan is succeeded.

Sai visits Pulkit’s house and asks Madhuri to inform Pulkit about Bhavani’s decision of meeting him.

Precap: Sai is happy with Bhavani’s decision but is suspicious of some conspiracy. Stay tuned for more updates.