Imli 22nd April 2021 Written Update: Rupali asks Imli to fight

Imli 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie written update

Today’s Imli 22nd April 2021 episode starts with Imlie searching for Aditya while Rupali notices Imlie going out and follows her.

Later, Imli is seen speaking with Aditya while Rupi thinks that to be good and gets going.

At the same time, Aditya scolds Imli for not allowing him to tell his family the truth.

Rupali is shocked to know about Aditya and Imli’s marriage while Aditya says that he is going to tell them about it.

Rupali asks Imli about what she heard while Imli discloses everything to her.

Later, Rupali asks Imli to fight for her rights but Imli denies it. Imli thinks that her fight might hurt Malini.

Elsewhere, Dev and Dadi ask Malini if they can help her but Malini tells them that only Anu knows her problems.

Malini tells them that she won’t be with Aditya now.

Later, Aditya’s parents insist him on speaking to Malini but he won’t listen to them but gives time to Imli to send her to the college.

Imli goes to college while knowing that Malini might come.

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