Imli 24th March 2021 Written Update

Imli 24th March  2021 Written Episode; Written Update: Today’s Imli episode starts with the hotel manager insulting Imlie and villagers. Just then, Aditya arrives and condemns him. The hotel manager asks for forgiveness. Then, all of them go into the restaurant.

On the other hand, Dev is on his way to Pagdandiya. He thinks about how would Imli react when she knows that he is her father and how would Meethi react when he meets her after such a long time.

Back at the restaurant, Meethi and Satyakaam think why didn’t Prakash joined them and goes to call him. But Meethi tells him that Aditya might be angry as Prakash is liking Imli and they remember Dev. Satyakaam leaves angrily from there. Aditya goes to look for them.

Meanwhile, Dev arrives at the same restaurant and someone takes him away. Aditya sees Meethi crying and asks her the reason. Meethi tells him that she is an unmarried mother and she had always worried about Imli’s future. But she is happy now as he is taking good care of Imlie.

In Delhi, the Tripati family is worried about Anu’s visit. They discuss Aditya and Malini.

At the restaurant, Meethi looks for Satyakaam. Meanwhile, Satyakaam takes Dev to the jungle and asks him why he had come. Dev tells that he came to see Meethi. But, Satyakaam beats him up and drags him into the jungle. Prakash sees this and goes to inform Chandu. Prakash informs Chandu and Aditya too goes with Chandu.

Precap: Meethi Slaps Satyakaam as he tries to kill Dev and says to him that Dev is Imli’s father which Aditya overhears. Stay tuned for more written updates on Imlie.