Imli 24th May 2021 Written Update: Aparna’s promise to Malini

Imli 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Imli written update

Today’s Imli 24 May 2021 episode starts with Imlie requests Aditya to hide their marriage from the family while Aditya is speaking to the lawyer.

Aditya gets angry at Imlie’s words and she tells him that they need to do it for Malini’s sake until they find out about Malini’s lover.

Further, Aditya convinces Imlie to go with him to his house and they leave from Pagdandiya.

Elsewhere, Malini decides to meet Radha and Aparna as she hurt them earlier and plans to apologize to them.

She lies to Anu when she asks her about visiting Tripathis’ house.

Later, Imlie and Aditya arrive at his home while Malini also comes there.

Aditya asks Malini to speak to Imlie while she lies Imlie about having someone else in her life.

Further, Malini informs the family that she came there alone while Aditya arrived with Imlie.

Radha and Aparna take Malini and Aditya into the room to speak to them.

Aparna promises Malini that she will settle everything between her and Aditya.

Meanwhile, Rupali gets happy about Imlie’e return and she tells Aparna not to be harsh towards Imlie.

Aparna says to Rupali that whatever she is doing, it is for Malini and Aditya’s goodness.

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