Imli 30th March 2021 Written Update: Malini is suspicious about Aditya

Imli 30th March 2021 Written Update:

Today’s episode starts with Aditya feeling guilty for Malini’s Health condition. He asks her to forgive him. Anu confronts him. Later everyone leaves. Aditya thinks that Malini knew about his lie regarding his trip. She tells him that she was worried for him but now she does not want to ask for any reason. She tells him that even though they are together, she feels that there is some distance between them.

Aditya thinks that he needs to inform Malini about his feelings for Imli before it is too late. Anu intervenes and reminds Malini of her medicines. Anu tells Aditya that she will not allow Malini to return to Tripati house as he is responsible for Malini’s state.

Malini tells her mother that she wants to go with Aditya as she needs an answer to her question. All the members in Tripati are delighted upon Malini’s arrival.

At night, Imli calls Aditya from Prakash’s mobile. Malini is suspicious about the phone call. Malini redials the number and Prakash answers the call. He is shocked to know about Aditya’s wife and the call gets disconnected.

Malini thinks that Aditya might have some work tension. Prakash asks Imli who is Malini.

Precap: Imli tells about Malini being Aditya’s wife to Prakash.

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