Imli 31th March 2021 Written Update: Prakash learns the truth

Imli 31th March 2021 Written Update: Imlie written update

Today’s episode starts with Prakash asking Imli to tell the truth or else he will tell about Malini to Meethi. Imli tells Prakash that Malini is Aditya’s wife and she knows it. Prakash decides to tell everything to Dadda but Imli stops him. She tells him that she knew about Malini and Aditya before marriage. Their marriage is a forced marriage. Aditya loved Malini.

She stayed in Aditya’s house as a maid in Delhi. She tells him that Aditya’s family is good and Malini considers her as a younger sister. She tells that now Aditya loves her but she does not want to break Malini’s heart. Prakash tells Imli that he will go to Delhi with her and return after arranging accommodation for her. Imli agrees to it. They leave for Delhi in the morning.

In Tripati house, everyone discusses Nishant’s marriage. Aditya and Malini’s views about marriage do not match this time. Malini is confused about Aditya behaviour. Aditya calls Prakash to talk with Imli as he couldn’t speak at night. But Prakash does not answer the call.

Aditya calls to Meethi who tells him that Imli had left for Delhi. Aditya wonders why Imli didn’t inform him about her trip to Delhi.

Prakash tells Imli to leave Aditya and marry him. She is shocked to hear that Prakash loves her. She tells Prakash that she is Aditya’s wife and will be for all her life. They reach Delhi.

Aditya comes to the bus stop to meet Imli. Imli is surprised to see him. While Prakash interrupts him, he tells her that Imli is his wife.  Prakash asks about Malini.

Precap: Harish sees Imli and Aditya

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