Imli Written Update 15th March 2021: Malini learns a shocking truth

Imlie Written Update 15th March 2021: Malini learns a shocking truth

Imli 15th March 2021 episode starts with Aditya wanting Imli to give her exam while she is not ready to leave him in that state.

He threatens to leave Pagdandiya if Imli doesn’t give her exam. At the same time, Mithi reveals that Prakash and Satyakaam are not home.

Meanwhile, Malini vents out her frustration and states that she is hurt because Aditya has lied to the whole family.

Aditya takes Imli to the college on Satyakaam’s bike. Elsewhere, Malini contemplates on believing Anu or not because of Aditya’s actions.

Imli wants Aditya to stop because of his leg injury while Aditya reminds her of the day when they were on the bicycle.

He doesn’t want to be weak and is adamant to get Imli to college on time. Meanwhile, Imli’s teacher requests the principal to wait five minutes for Imli.

Malini assures Aparna that she will locate Aditya by going to his office while Nishant offers to help her find Aditya.

Aditya gets in an argument with the administrator and convinces him to let Imli give the exam. He further wishes Imli good luck for the exam.

Malini and Nishant reach Aditya’s office. They get shocked to hear Jailendra talking about Aditya’s forceful marriage in Pagdandia by the villagers.

Aditya tells the administrator that Imli is his wife while Imli overhears their conversation.

Precap: Aditya and Imlie perform a Pooja together.