Imlie 17th March 2021 Written Update : Malini leaves the house

Imli (Imlie) 17th March 2021 Written Update : Malini leaves the house

Today’s Episode starts with family surprising Malini on national Bhabhi day. Everyone wishes her and the family gifts her wedding album and video and she misses Aditya.

Meanwhile, she receives Aditya’s call and expresses her feelings but, he tells her that he is in Jamshedpur on work and it takes one more day for him to return. Malini is sad as he lies to her and she disconnects the call. She then locks herself in the room while the family is tensed for her.

In the meantime, Aditya attends a puja with Imlie in Pagdandiya while Imlie is startled about his behaviour. They perform rituals in the temple.

Back at home, While, Malini cries remembering Aditya, she receives her mom’s call. Malini’s mom suggests her to be strict with Aditya.

She watches her wedding video and decides to go her paternal house and bids farewell to all the family members and leaves.

Precap: Imlie goes to bring water and asks Aditya to care of diya, while someone throws the diya.  Aditya holds it in his hand. Stay tuned for more updates.