Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2021 Written Update: Abhi is arrested

Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2021 Written Update:

Today’s episodes start with Alia asking for forgiveness from Pragya while Pragya wants her to leave behind the past memories and live the present moments.

Abhi learns from Vikram that Ranbir has not completed his work on time and so the annual event will not take place.

Abhi promises to talk to Juneja and handle everything.

Elsewhere, Prachi gets coffee for Ranbir while he drops the mug in frustration. Prachi cleans his coat but Ranbir doesn’t want her to show fake concern.

Ranbir leaves while Rhea warns her about the consequences of breaking their deal. Ranbir overhears this and enquires about the deal.

Elsewhere, Abhi and Pragya spend some romantic moments while Abhi wants Pragya to choose an outfit for him.

Tanu arrives at the same time while Pragya asks her not to enter the room. Tanu instructs the police to arrest Abhi.

Pragya wants to know the reason while Tanu puts an accusation on Abhi of raping her.

Meanwhile, Ranbir again questions Prachi and Rhea while they make an excuse.

Ranbir finds a bracelet and puts it in his pocket. Elsewhere, Pragya tries to defend Abhi while the other family members also try to save him.

Tanu further argues with Alia and accuses her of forcing her to get close to Abhi.

Upcoming Kumkum Bhagya (KKB) (tomorrow) episode update: Pragya begs in front of Tanu to take her complaint back.

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