Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pragya is ousted from Mehra house

Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update:

Today’s episode starts with Pragya noticing the person on the bike as the killer who tried to kill Abhi.

The killer is trying to seek out his gun while Pragya tells Abhi that they’re going to have a race to the parking zone and runs from there. Prague judges Abhi within the car’s trunk while the goon comes there and appears for him.

He is close to open the trunk but Pragya exposes herself to distract him. She tries to cover but fails after which the goon slaps her and demands’ Abhi’s location.

Prague denies and he’s close to strangle her while Abhi reveals himself and tries to hit him with a bat which angers the killer.

The killer takes the bat and starts hitting Abhi which injures Abhi within the head. The goon leaves while Pragya takes Abhi within the car and tells Aaliya on the decision about the incident.

Aaliya demands her to bring Abhi home as there’s a medical team expecting him there and Pragya bring him home.

Abhi’s treatment gets done while Pragya tells everyone that the killer has tried to aim to kill Abhi within the past.

Aaliya says that there’s someone who wants to kill Abhi and removes Pragya’s veil saying that it’s Pragya.

Aaliya and Pragya get into a fight regarding the proper way to treat Abhi while Tanu threatens her of sending her to jail and throws her out of the front entrance .

Aaliya closes the door on her face saying that she can’t do anything for Abhi.

Pragya reaches home and cries while Saritha tries to console her.

She does to the temple and asks God why is she getting tested time and again when she sees the holy flame flickering.

Precap: Abhi regains his memory.

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