Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2021 Written Update: Police in Luthra House

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2021 Written Update:

Today’s episode star with Sherlyn asking Preeta and Kritika about where they had been. But Preeta and Kritika go away from there making an excuse.

Prithvi thinks that ACP Vijay is suspecting him of Akshay’s murder.

He did not commit the crime and hope that police may find the murderer soon. Kritika thanks Prithvi for his sweet gesture towards her.

Preeta thinks who might have deleted the CCTV footage in the hotel. Karan and Preeta spend some quality time.

Meanwhile, ACP Vijay arrives at the Luthra house to give shocking news. He asks about Karan and Preeta.

Mahira informs Karan about ACP Vijay and Karan leaves. Mahira challenges that she will win the 3-day challenge between them while Preeta says she can’t do so and leaves.

Rakhi asks ACP Vijay about his behaviour towards Luthras. He says that it is his duty. He is there to catch Akshay’s murderer.

Prithvi plans to escape but ACP Vijay turns him down. ACP Vijay asks Prithvi about his whereabouts of the previous evening.

He asks about every person’s whereabouts. Kritika tells she was in the car.

Precap: Karan confronts Preeta for hiding the truth.

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