Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd May 2021 Written Update: Raghav’s crazy idea

Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update: MHRW written update

Today’s Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali (MHRW) 22 May 2021 episode starts with Janakamma informing Sharda on call that she has got a new tenant who will be coming to the house that day.

Elsewhere, Sulochana tries to convince Vijay to sign the loan papers saying that he can complete his dream of the Saree shop that Pallavi snatched from him.

Sharda hopes that Vijay doesn’t sign the papers when suddenly Raghav comes there shocking everyone.

Vijay questions him while he reveals that he is the new tenant of the house and the video calls Janakamma to confirm his statement.

He proposes Vijay start their relationship differently but Vijay leaves in anger.

Raghav talks about Pallavi and Sharda gets emotional but Vijay calls her inside.

Raghav tries to talk to Mansi while Sulochana fears that her plan might fail.

Meanwhile, Pallavi remembers her past while applying Sindoor, and Jaya consoles her.

Jaya gives her an envelope and leaves and Pallavi opens it to find a string of notes from Raghav.

Vijay blames Pallavi for Raghav’s arrival while Sulochana supports him.

However, Sharda tells her to not incite Vijay against Pallavi.

Raghab video calls Pallavi and shows her the Saree designs and her diary while informing her that he is in the Deshmukh house.

He shows her the Deshmukh family in a video call making her emotional.

He tells her to bring him lunch and that she can see her family which makes her happy.

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