Molkki 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Virendra puts forth a condition

Molkki 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Molki written update

Today’s Molkki 2 June 2021 episode starts with Virendra feeling sad about Purvi who is leaving the Haveli while he thinks of convincing her to stay.

The birthday celebrations of Manas begin and the family joyously participate in the party but Virendra and Purvi remain silent throughout the party.

Further, the celebrations come to an end, and Sakshi thanks Purvi for taking care of the children during her absence.

Meanwhile, Purvi asks Sakshi that she will meet Manas and Juhi before leaving.

Later, Purvi gets disheartened by recalling all her memories with Virendra and the children while she leaves the Haveli.

At the same time, Virendra comes there and asks Purvi to stay but Sakshi gets in his way and asks him why he stopped Purvi.

Virendra replies to Sakhi and tells her that Purvi married him for the sake of money and says that she needs to pay him back before leaving.

The family gets shocked at Virendra’s words while Prakashi asks Virendra to send off Purvi without placing any objections.

Virendra stays adamant and announces that Purvi will stay with them until she returns the money.

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