Pandya Store 6th May 2021 Written Update: Rishita is terrified

Pandya Store 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Pandaya Stores written update

Today’s Pandya Store 6 May 2021 episode starts with Rishita seeing a woman in a white saree and getting scared.

She starts screaming while everyone gets scared to hear her. Gautam and Dhara reach there and try to console her.

They console her by saying there are no evil spirits. Shiva tries to scare Rishita again while Dev asks him to leave.

Raavi sees makeup on Krish’s face and gets suspicious of him.

Krish escapes and asks Raavi to comfort Rishita as she was screaming.

Shiva and Raavi share a romantic moment while later Shiva tries to scare Raavi as well.

The Pandit later tells Gautam that all members should be present during the Pooja and nobody should interrupt in between. He warns of Pooja getting spoiled if they don’t follow the rules.

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