Super Dancer 4 6th June 2021 Written Update: Shilpa Shetty gets emotional

Super Dancer 4 6th June 2021 Written Update: Super Dancer written update

Today’s Super Dancer 4 6 June 2021 episode starts with Pratiti and super guru Shweta performing on ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiyan’ and leaving judges in shock.

Next up is Sanchit with Super Guru Vartika who gets praised by the judges for their fabulous performance on ‘Ye Tujhe Kya Hua’.

Govinda gifts him a special jacket for giving a special performance while Judge Shilpa Shetty gets emotional.

Further, Arshiya and Anuradha dance on ‘Prem Jaal’ and get praised for bringing variety to the show.

Further, Prithviraj and Super Guru Shubhranil dance to ‘Aap Ke Aa Jane Se’ and make the judges laugh while guest judges Govinda and Neelam are requested to perform on the same song.

Amit and Amardeep’s dance on ‘I am a street dancer’ leaves the judges in a trance.

The contests give a special performance to celebrate 35 years of Govinda and Neelam making them emotional.

Lastly, it is announced they Spriha and Sanam will not be able to perform for a few days.

Upcoming Super Dancer 4 (SD4) episode update: More performance to follow.