Super Singer 8 16th May 2021 Written Update: Balaji eliminated today

Super Singer 8 16th May 2021 Written Update: Super Singer written update

Today’s Super Singer 8 16 May 2021 episode starts with Balaji performing on a new song ‘Mundinam Paarthene’ song and he earned a standing ovation from everyone.

Next up, Muthusirpi sang to an old song, ‘Iraivan Padaitha Ulagai Ellam’. The judges appreciated her voice and told her that it resembles the original singer.

Later, Iyenar performed on a rap style and sang with his style, and got his reviews from the judges.

Abhilash continued with an old song  ‘Enakkoru Kadhali Irukindral’ while the judges were mesmerized by his performance.

In today’s episode of Super Singer 8 (16th May 2021), Manasi secured the best performer of the week award.

In addition to this, from the last week’s nominations for the elimination, Sudhakar and Balaji were nominated for eviction.

Based on the judge’s decision for elimination candidates, Balaji got eliminated from the Super Singer 8 show today on 16h May 2021.

Upcoming Super Singer 8 (SS8) episode update: More performances to come.